5 Ways To Make Sure Your Belongings Do Not Get Damaged In Storage

Do you need to put your belongings in storage, and are a little worried as to how to protect them? If so, relax. There are five ways you can make sure your belongings do not get damaged in storage, as per the expertise of Bionic Self Storage.

Wrap everything you store in plastic — Leaks are some of the main culprits when it comes to damaged belongings in a storage unit. That is because even the best storage units will occasionally have leaking roofs and it can take a day or two until they are noticed and fixed. This is one reason why plastic should be used to wrap everything you put into storage. This means furniture, boxes, hanging clothes racks — anything that could possibly be damaged by water should be wrapped in plastic before it is put into your storage unit.

Protect wood furniture with a coat of wax — Wax is a wonderful substance when it comes to protecting furniture. Not only will a coat of wax often protect your furniture from damp or a leak, it can also protect it from insects. Rub a coat of wax into all your wooden furniture before putting it into a storage unit, and protect any metal parts with a coating of oil. This will stop them going rusty if they are stored for a long period of time.

Use padding on easily damaged items — Do you own items that can break or shatter easily? If so, make sure you wrap them in padding before placing them in your storage unit.

This includes glassware, pottery, prized antiques, even furniture or accessories that have brittle corners that could easily be damaged. Wrap and tape padding around anything that could get broken. The most fragile things can also be placed in blankets and quilts to give them that extra layer of protection.

Fill boxes to the top — Any boxes you pack should be filled to the top and taped securely shut. This is because a half-filled box easily sags when other boxes are placed on top of it and can then eventually burst open allowing air, moisture, and dust to enter. Completely filled boxes are sturdy and can handle weight being placed on top of them without rupturing.

Put heavy items on the back and the bottom — When you arrive at a storage company near you and start to move your belongings into it, put the lighter items aside and concentrate on the heaviest ones first. When packing your storage unit, you want to be sure the larger heavier items go at the back and the smaller heavier items on the floor.  After all, if you are like many people, you may want to go back to the storage unit now and again to collected certain items. When you do, if you have to keep moving heavy objects out of the way to get to lighter ones, this is when damage can often occur.  Keep the lighter items easily accessible, however, and it will be simple for you to move them out of the way without causing damage.

SEO: The Ultimate In Small Business Marketing

For small businesses, using good search engine optimization strategies can make a huge difference in the amount of traffic to your web page. This can help you to have a more successful Canberra area small business. It is important that you tailor these strategies to Canberra area residents. Furthermore, it is not too difficult to implement some basic search engine optimization strategies right away. If you are looking for a more detailed SEO plan, you can contact experts. These seven tips can help to maximize your search rankings with Google and other well-known search engines:


Local Relevant Keywords:

Your keywords should include the type of business that you have and Canberra. When you have chosen the keywords, you should ensure that the website you create consists of anywhere between 1-3% of these keywords One percent will ensure that your page has the right number of keywords to attract traffic from Google. However, keeping it under three percent will ensure that your page does not end up getting blocked from Google’s search results. 


Meta Description Tailored For Those In The Canberra Area:

A meta description is a short description of the content on your page. This description must be between 150 and 160 words, or it will not show up to those viewing the search results. This meta description should specify that your services are geared toward those in the Canberra area. 



When you have links from another website to your website, it helps to drive in traffic. Backlinks are an important part of your search engine optimization strategy. Therefore, you should seek to have backlinks from any credible website. There are different places where you can add backlinks to your website, including forums. To improve your local SEO for Canberra, you can use backlinks from websites geared at Canberra area residents. 


Fresh, Quality Content:

It is often said that content is king, and this is certainly true for SEO. Not only should your small business website have high-quality content, but it should regularly have new content. The more fresh content is uploaded to your page, the better you will look to the search engines. This is likely to result in higher rankings. 


Images and Keywords:

If you have any images on your website, place keywords somewhere on the page associated with them. These keywords can be placed in the image title, but they can also be placed in image descriptions.


Link Other Websites:

While backlinks are important, it can be good for your search rankings to have links to other websites. However, you do not want to have too many links. However, having quality outbound links helps your page’s visitors to trust your information.

Hiring Assistance:

There are many companies in the Search Engine Optimization Canberra that provide assistance to small business owners looking to improve their search rankings. In addition to finding SEO experts in the Canberra area, it is possible to find SEO experts online from other regions.

5 Things To Look For When Choosing a Plumber

An Important Decision
Choosing the best plumber for your household occasionally involves challenges. As an experienced plumber, TCB Plumbing appreciates homeowners sometimes lack familiarity with this vital home improvement and maintenance field. Some important considerations which enter into selecting a great plumbing company could prove helpful to you:

1. Select a licensed, insured professional with great references. To better ensure the safety of your household, it makes sense to check the background of a plumbing company. Hire only licensed, fully insured plumbing professionals. By taking the time to obtain necessary licenses and maintain insurance, the plumber you select has demonstrated an interest in performing high-quality work. Adequate insurance coverage protects everyone.

2. Make sure the plumber you contact offers the type of plumbing services your home requires. Today, plumbers sometimes specialize in very distinct areas of business. One company may engage in residential re-piping extensively, another may focus on maintaining kitchens, bathrooms and household laundries in good operating condition. Still, other plumbing firms emphasize installing and pumping septic systems. Try and locate a plumber with the types of services you expect to call upon in the future!

3. Compare price rates and reviews. You’ll want to confirm your plumbing company maintains a reasonable price structure and a solid business operation by carefully checking reviews online provided by plumbing customers. While perhaps one or two negative reviews from dissatisfied customers might result from simple misunderstandings, a series of negative unresolved conflicts with customers supplies a red flag.

You’ll want to hire a plumbing company committed to furnishing excellent customer service! Pleased customers tend to share their favorable opinions about a plumbing service with other people.

4. Find a plumber who responds to emergencies. Try and locate a plumber who will respond to customer emergencies. While these types of unpleasant events happen very rarely (especially when a property owner seeks regular maintenance services), almost everyone has encountered a plumbing crisis at some point. Whether a pipe in the wall has begun leaking or the seal between a toilet and the floor has ruptured or a garbage disposal no longer works, you’ll want to hire a responsive plumbing company prepared to address your crisis quickly!

5. Locate an honest, trustworthy plumbing professional. In the final analysis, you’ll want to select a plumber you can count on to treat you fairly and with integrity. Remember, you’ll pay a lot more in the long run if your plumber fails to level with you about potential problems. For example, if a previous homeowner installed inexpensive polybutylene pipe, you face a much higher chance of experiencing frequent water leaks. A dedicated, honest plumber should inform you about this risk factor, even if the news proves unwelcome. By resolving to replace defective pipes with a better type of material, you could save significant money in the long run. An honest, capable plumber will evaluate the condition of the home plumbing system and bring any significant problems to the homeowner’s attention.

Why Delkor Car Batteries Are Leading The Market

Why Delkor Car batteries are leading the market

Delkor Co, Ltd. was founded in 1985. Since that time it has become of top battery manufacturers in the world. It has proved itself superior to other leading battery factories throughout North America, Asia, Middle East, Central and South America, and Africa. In 2010, Delkor took its already popular company to an even higher world standing by partnering with the almost equally beloved Johnson Controls Incorporated. Together, the allied companies dominate battery sales throughout Japan, Taiwan, North America, and Europe. 

But they are very strong in many other areas of the world as well. Delkor is not satisfied with being one of the best battery producers in the world. They are committed to improving every facet of their operation and products until they are the very best. They are also committed to contributing to car culture in a historical way, having their brand be well remembered for its innovations long after it is gone. Eleven steps of their groundbreaking production innovations is backed by very strict, and thorough quality control.

This 11-step quality control process includes work monitoring, charge/discharge testing, material testing, and product testing. All of this thorough and complex process is carried out in two-hour intervals. This entire quality control process ensures that Delkor absolutely does not send out any defective batteries. Delkor is fully certified to produce batteries and is a winner of prestigious industry awards. They also have accumulated a host of patented battery features for automotive, commercial, deep cycle, and recreation uses. They have lead/calcium alloy and silver/calcium products that have great performance and durability for even the harshest of conditions. Delkor’s AGM range has Absorbed Glass Mat separators which reduce resistance, increase performance, and have higher recharge rates. 

AGM technology has been popular since the early 1980s as a great sealed lead acid battery that has a fiberglass mat to absorb the sulfuric acid. It is especially popular for use in commercial and military airplanes and vehicles because it means that there will be no hazardous material restrictions. But that is not the only reason they have long favored it. It is favored by commercial and consumer motorists alike because it provides low internal resistance, delivers high currents, and has a longer service life than lead acid batteries. In addition, Delkor deep cycle batteries also have a mounted hydrometer which will allow you to check the status of battery shelf life. The battery comes with grids that prevent corrosion and therefore extends its life.

Plus, AGM batteries need a lot fewer recharges while lead acid batteries require one about every six months. And combines this AGM technology with its excellent techniques to make a battery nearly unparalleled in quality. One of its best products is the Delkor MF battery, which contains calcium, tin, and lead for high corrosion resistance. And as mentioned, although its service and products are already world class, it is ever striving to perfect these. Right now it is improving its battery technology for electric car use to make them a more economical mode of travel.
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5 Ways to Boost Apartment Sales Off the Plan

Every property market is different with a consumer base seeking different things. However, there are tactics you can use to persuade people to rent or buy a property before you complete the project.


1. Show proof – You can do these several ways. If you’ve already completed a project of the same scale, people are more inclined to trust that you have the ability to do it again. If you don’t have that kind of track record, it might be a good idea to link up with an investor that does. Even though you’ll likely have to split the profits in a hefty way, once you’ve built this first property and sold it or rented it out, you will then have that proof you need. You will be able to show that you can produce and you can fly solo on later projects if that’s your goal. 


2. Show social proof – Along with showing proof, you should also showcase any other social proof you have like testimonials, professional references, your resume etc. on your website in an easy-to-digest way so that people can see you’re someone who is truly qualified to finish the project. With the rise of social media; transparency, reputation, and social proof are key factors in modern business success.


3. Hire a team of architectural scale model builders – Architectural scale models are a great sales tool for many reasons. They are models used to help investors, potential buyers, renters and other important parties see what the final project will look like. They also help bring your project to life in its surroundings. If your property will be located near a familiar park or shopping center, it’s much easier to get a feel for the community with an architectural scale model than with any other visualization tool. They can also help potential tenants know where their store, office or new condo will be located in relation to their neighbors’ units, parking, and their community. In addition, architectural scale models make your project look like a substantial one, not some pie in the sky dream project that may or may materialize or that may get built only to yield no returns. Illustrations alone aren’t enough when you’re trying to boost apartment sales off the plan.


4. Use 3d visualizations as well – Many modern real estate investors make the mistake of using only 3d visualizations because it’s easy to find a company to create them and publish them on your website. However, it’s best to use these along with architectural scale models. However, it’s also important to understand that in today’s virtual business climate, 3d visualizations are expected. People want to see something substantial when they look up your property on their mobile devices. 


5. Understand your target marketMarket research is key in real estate investment. Who are your ideal tenants? What are their jobs? Are they boutique shops or young families? The great thing about 3d visualizations is you can decorate the units in any way you like. You can create many, “showcase,” units to suit and persuade your ideal client that your space will meet his or her needs.

The best wooden toy brands of 2016

The best wooden toy brands of 2016

Wooden toys are making a comeback in “toy-land” manufacturing circles and that is one reason parents want their kids to expand their horizons beyond the cool tech toys that dominate the market every year. Getting back to inventive play through handcrafted wood items in all sorts of shapes, configurations and sizes is a trend that parents are currently rediscovering. 

There are numerous wooden toys for children and the best wooden toy brands of 2016 include a host of varying toy makers with well-made and clever wooden toy choices. http://heavy.com/social/2016/01/top-10-best-wooden-toys-for-kids-baby-kitchen/ 

A few brands that are 2016 standouts have given children of all ages access to diverse activities, which can keep children positively occupied for endless hours of pleasurable play, and they include: 

Le Toy Van Toys Online

Le Toy Van Online has been producing top-of-the-line replenishable, painted wooden toys since 1995. The British market was their original marketplace, but they have moved on to worldwide distribution. This renown and an award-winning brand have unique designs that include doll houses, farms, pirate ships, arks, castles, budkins and more traditional toys.


Plan Toys

This company is known for its first class toy tea sets, which are made entirely of wood from rubber trees. The teacups themselves hold real water and the entire set comes with tea bags and sugar along with the teapot, sugar bowl, tea cups, and saucers. There is nothing that compares with this beautifully made set. 


Manhattan Toys

Activity centers are one of Manhattan Toys’ specialties. Their colorful and jam-packed Tree Top Adventure center contains all sorts of features with movable parts that children can maneuver in almost any direction for hours of inventive and fun-filled play. It’s child-friendly size is perfect for almost any child. 


Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug are real married people and real handicraft specialists who operate their production out of Connecticut. They initially pooled their talents and abilities through the creation of wooden puzzles and worked up to other toys, which now include pretending food, train cars, workbenches (with tools) and other wooden toys that are designed for a wide range of ages from babies to preschoolers to older children. 



The colors that KidKraft incorporates in its all wooden products are phenomenal. The Noah’s Ark shape sorter has catchy art pieces that young children gravitate to while learning about the Ark story early on. All the 17 pieces, animals, and ark come put together so there is no grappling with endless wood pieces. The set is ergonomically designed for the smallest of hands and-and is an outstanding choice for wooden toys in the baby category.

Other quality wooden toy brands include Barclaywoods, Hape Toys, Click N’ Play, Orbrium Toys, Wonderworld (Rainbow Sound Blocks) and EverEarth.

Parents want their children to discover creativity through play that is both imaginative and thought to provoke, and wooden toys are a perfect inspiration. The return to more classically constructed toys that are natural and made of real wood as well as manipulative, sturdy, and lasting, in the sense of their historical and cultural significance, become strong testaments to investment in wooden toys that will last a lifetime and contribute to the development of a child’s play life from very young and beyond.

5 Ways To Know That Your Candidate Is The Right One For The Job

If you have a good job to offer, chances are you have been bombarded with resumes. Choosing the right candidate has become more difficult, especially with more qualified people applying for jobs beneath their skill level. Desperate times call for desperate measures, or so they say. How do you know if you are making the right decision in your hiring process? Here are some tips to ensure you make the right choice. 

1. Decide What Your Company Needs

You will receive a plethora of resumes that have all sorts of experience levels. However, you need to decide what kind of person would fit best in this position If it is a part-time position, hiring someone with extreme credentials may not be the best fit. You know that eventually they will be able to find better work and you could be hiring again. You need to hire someone who has enough skill, but not too much. If you want someone who can be flexible with scheduling, choosing someone with outside obligation and schedule restrictions would never work. Decide what your company needs and narrow down your resume pile from there. 

2. Do Some Research On The Candidates 

Without pulling credit reports and doing intensive background checks, you can still get information on an employee. Pre-screen the applicants by checking out your local court records. If they have anything that comes up that looks derogatory, you can easily weed out their application. After you have the pile down to a manageable number, you can begin to conduct more intense checks into their backgrounds. Remember, past behavior is always an indicator of future actions. Call other employers and cut the pile down further. Once you have a few you want to interview, spring for the background check and find out who and what they are before you waste your time.


3. Base A Great Deal on First Impressions

When you have your list narrowed down to your few, take notice of their first impression during the interview. Did they come dressed for success, or are they a mess? Were they late for the interview, or did they arrive early? Your first impression is a foreshadowing to the person’s true habits. Remember, nerves can make some things a bit different, but if they don’t care to show up on-time for an interview, they will probably have a problem being on time for work. 

4. Conduct Testing

One of the biggest mistakes employers of today make is taking a person’s word. If they tell you they can use programs like Quickbooks, give them a test to make sure. Once they are hired, it is a huge hassle to let them go and rehire another because they are not skilled. It may not be that they are being dishonest either. Some people feel that if they have turned a program at one time that constitutes as being fluent in it. Remember to conduct a series of tests to ensure your applicant is really qualified. 

5. Know When To Call For Help

Being an employer is a hard job. You have a full schedule to take care of, on top of trying to find someone right for the open position. If you don’t have the time or energy to give the candidate search the effort it needs, then ask for outside assistance. When dealing with digital media and technology, companies like Donald Leon Search can help you. As a leader, you need to know when you are beyond your scope and need help.

The Ultimate Window Cleaning Checklist


Window cleaning is something that few homeowners know to do right. According to the expert window cleaning service providers, rubbing while cleaning the windows in your home is not a good idea. Rubbing only moves dirt around on the glass rather than removing it; hence should be avoided. Additionally, rubbing the glass causes it to acquire a static charge and attract more dust as soon as you are through with cleaning. This implies that there is a particular way, in which windows should be cleaned. For this reason, many homeowners prefer hiring window cleaning professionals in Brisbane for thorough work and impressive results. If you have decided to clean your windows on your own, you should consider following this checklist for the best cleaning results.


1. Get Rid of Dust 

Windows, especially the exterior parts, tend to attract dust after some time Prior to cleaning your window, you should wipe all the dirt that may have accumulated on the window. To do this, you should first remove the blinds or curtains on the window. You should then use a broom or dust pan to carefully dust off the window. While doing this, you should pay attention to the corners and hidden parts of the window.


2. Get The Required Cleaning Products

When cleaning a window on your own, you should avoid using strong cleaning agents. These should only be used by the professional cleaners because their inappropriate use can damage the paintwork around the window. If the window is not very dirty, you may use warm soapy water and a clean sponge to clean it. Alternatively, you may also use vinegar. In this case, you should add about two tablespoonfuls of vinegar to a bucket full of warm water. If the window you are cleaning is greasy, you may use a solution of two tablespoonfuls of domestic borax or household ammonia per gallon of water. If you use this solution to clean the window, you should rinse it off with vinegar solution before drying it.


3. Wash the Window

According to experts in this field, it is advisable to wash your windows on a cloudy day. Using the appropriate washing solution, as described above, you should wash the window using a sponge. While washing your window, you should use the minimal amount of suds possible.


4. Wipe the Excess Water Off

After washing the window thoroughly, you should use a clean squeegee to wipe the excess water from the window. You should start from the top of the window and apply reverse-S motions while working your way down the window. You should wipe the squeegee blade every once in a while using a clean rag, but avoid transferring dirt to the blade while at it. You should then use a microfiber cloth or damp, wrung-dry chamois to remove the remaining water from the surface of the window.

Once through, you may need to buff the glass for sparkling results. In this regard, you may use crumpled newspaper to buff the dry glass surface. The use of various window cleaning solutions can make window cleaning easier. However, such solutions should be handled properly, preferably by the professionals. For thorough and timely window cleaning, you should consider hiring the best Brisbane window cleaning company

7 Things A Business Card Says About Your Business

When you meet with a potential new client for your business, there will be one thing that is more important than your smile or handshake. Your business card is an extension of your brand, and you can’t afford to mess things up in that department by putting anything except your best foot forward. 

This article will reveal the 7 things that your business card will say about you and your business, ways to fix any gaffes that you might have made, and access to great business card designers who pride themselves on using their work to elevate the brand of their clients. 

A Business Card That Is Crammed Full of Information

Business cards that have your business name, your name and title, phone number, email, list of services, social media outlets, and so on says that you are not able to easily convey the essence of your business. In other words, you haven’t perfected your elevator pitch. Cards crammed full of information will make the eyes of your potential client glaze over. Less is more in this case


No White Space

On your business card, you want to use white space to let the message of your brand breathe and get out there to potential clients. When you cram a business card with words, they’ll get an overload of information.


Black and White Cards

Whenever possible, print your business card in color. Using a tasteful color scheme allows your business to stand out from the other cards that your potential clients get on a daily basis.


Mall Kiosk Business Cards

This is a huge no-no. Getting your business cards professionally printed conveys the message that you are a serious contender in your field. Kiosk business cards do not.


Flimsy Business Cards

Always use good paper when getting your business cards made. A business card can live in a wallet, a person’s desk, or on the bottom of a purse for long periods of time. Therefore, you want a card that can withstand all that.


Using Only One Side Of Your Business Card

By using only one side of your business card, you’re wasting a good opportunity to make a good first impression on clients. Use the back for important phone numbers, personal statements, or a business tagline.


Ugly Business Cards

An ugly business card tells a potential client that you have not put a lot of thought into a vital visual aspect of your business. In other words, it reflects poorly on you. Hire business card designers to come up with a look for your card that matches the message you want to send to potential new business and connections.

Call or email us if you want a business card that is visually attractive, tastefully colorful, and effectively communicates your business’ brand to potential clients and future connections. We’d be more than happy to help you bring your message across to as many people as possible.

5 Tips To Increase Your Profit Margins In Business

A general rule for every business financial success is that profits can only be increased indirectly not directly. The surest way to increase business income is by enlarging the profit margins. For your business to pay employees, reward investors, and serve customers right, there have to be profits. The margins gauge profitability. What you can do to improve your profits is by improving the variables If your profits are not improving, it could mean you are not thriving as a business. By improving these 5 variables, there will be an impact in your bottom line and your profit margins will increase. 

1. Lead Conversion

This is the process in which leads are converted into loyal customers. If you are determined to increase leads by 1% each day, the chances are that you will increase profits. Gear your ability to convert prospects into paying customers. Even if your conversions are good, they should get better. Improving the conversion rates improves the profit margin It is vital to keep it in mind that you can only improve what you can measure. That is the science behind tracking the conversion rates frequently. 

2. Figure out your Margins

The most critical step towards optimizing profits is by understanding the current gross profit margin. Analyze your gross profit margin frequently and be sure to break it down by the services offered and the clients. Most businesses use estimated inventory figures which can be misleading. It is critical to use book keeping services for accurate financial details. By looking for new ways to raise prices or lower costs of the services or products without altering the quality, a business can increase profits per sale. Increasing the prices of your services or products can lead to the loss of several customers. However, the profit margin will grow even when the revenue is flat. Remember that the overall margin can be deceiving. Therefore, analyses the profit margins of all your product categories, customer categories, and services. This is the only way you can focus on profitable lines. 

3. Streamline Business Operations

Unnecessary management should be reduced. It is more of disposing efficiency into the business. Cut down duplication. Every relevant technological progression that can contribute to the efficiency of the services offered has to be taken advantage of. Not only will this move translate into lower costs, but higher profits too. 

4. Retain your Clients

Be diligent enough to keep customers coming back Study the purchase history of active clients. Look for better ways to reduce attrition by reinforcing the entire business system. Create time to educate them on how to use your services or products. Following your active clients reduces your marketing costs dramatically as well as the acquisition. 

5. Never Lean on Discounting

Discounting has been proven to be the highest cause of many business deaths Unfortunately, many businesses do not realize how badly the margins are destroyed. Realize that offering a discount in your first engagement ties you. As soon as your prices go down, customers will expect the same price next time. You do not want to set the tone that every time a client purchases something from you, they have to get it on discount. It is simply a bad idea that devalues your products and services and is a hole that is too deep to climb out. The best way to boost your profit margins is offering bonuses instead of discounts. 

When you embrace continuous improvement in every aspect of your business, you will improve your profits and achieve financial success. The easiest way to boost your margins is by making the most of the current sales.